Should You Work While in College?

July 5th, 2017 by University Cottages |

For many students, working in college is necessary. For others, a job is simply to pay for some added luxuries during college life. And then, there are the go-getters that are trying to build up an impressive resume before they graduate. According to the U.S. Department of Education, over 78% of undergraduate students work. No matter what your reason, there are pros and cons to having a job while attending school.

Time Management

Beyond offering just a paycheck, having a job means needing to learn about effectively managing your time. If you have a big exam tomorrow, but your boss needs you to cover a shift, you have to learn to work around it. These skills not only help with your career, but with the impending everyday responsibilities of adulthood and family life.   

Working Looks Good on Your Resume

Even if your college job is not in the field you are studying, hiring businesses like to see that graduates possess a particular skill set. Teamwork, time management, and customer service extend beyond waiting tables and working at the library. They translate into professional talents that aren’t necessarily taught in the classroom and will benefit any full-time employer. Having a job also shows hiring managers that you are committed and focused, and not afraid to work hard to reach your goals.

Making Connections

Maybe your job isn’t exactly what you want to be doing when you graduate, but chances are you will meet new people and form relationships in your workplace. From co-workers to customers, these connections can lead to not only social engagement, but networking. You may meet people outside of your usual friend group, or area of study, that can provide insight into your career path.

There are downsides to working in college, such as taking on too many hours or having a long commute that cuts into family time, vacations, and socializing, but if you find a balance between financial and academic obligations, it can pay off in the end. University Cottages is not only nearby to on-campus employment opportunities, but is down the street from many local businesses that regularly hire college students. When you graduate, you will have not only a hard-earned diploma, but the commitment and skills to back it up.